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The BaiNian Vocational School

“You’ll be in charge of class C, the lowest English level,” said Li Xiao, my contact at BaiNian, a full-scholarship vocational high school founded by Westerners. The teachers are volunteers, and the students live below the poverty line. “That’s means … Continue reading

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Lamb of God

I had to fill something that was very, very empty. First the stomach growled just slightly. Then the growling grew louder, turning heads. Before long, belly machinery was grinding, train whistles were screeching, and long dormant forces were hissississing with … Continue reading

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The Drinking Age in China is 18

To explain the Chinese word for a legal “right,” my teacher used the example of alcohol. “A little kid doesn’t have the right to drink beer,” she made the class repeat in Chinese, “but I do have the right.” A … Continue reading

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